Glass Toys 101

Glass toys are an amazing addition to any sex-toy collection. Not only are they beautiful works of art, they are also multi-purpose and have a variety of options for play. 

Quality glass toys are made of borosilicate or Pyrex glass. 

Glass is hypoallergenic and free from phthalates, latex and chemicals.

There is no limit to the type of lubricant you can use with glass toys. Silicone, Water-based, oil-based, hybrids and cream-based lubes are all able to be used with glass. Your favorite lube is perfect!

Glass is obviously much harder than most other toys such as silicone, or the feel of another person. Because glass is so hard it can cause more intense orgasms. When you have an orgasm, your vagina, uterus and anus contract. Using a toy like glass, stainless steel, crystal or wood, doesn't allow the contractions to manipulate the toy. Which causes more contracting and heightened orgasms!

Temperature play is a huge benefit of glass, because glass can hold temperature, you can warm it up in warm water, or cool it off with cold water or placing it in the freezer. Always check the temperature of the glass before inserting it, you don't want to get burned or have a tongue to frozen pole situation! Temperature can change the intensity of the sensations you feel or lead to better orgasms! Who wouldn't want that?

Glass toys, such as the dildo's with texture like bumps or ridges are also great as a massage tool to use on yourself or your partner for sore muscles! Use with massage oil for a better experience!

Glass is the easiest toy material to clean because it is non-porous. You can use rubbing alcohol, toy cleaner, soap & water or put it in your dishwasher!

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